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WxProc product overview

1.   WxProc

WxProc is an APT Weather Satellite image processing engine designed from the ground up with future technology in mind. The main processing engine is based around the core design used in the Anticyclone Systems WxWatch software and as such it able to import images in this format as well as others graphics formats such as GIF and JPEG.

[Compressed WxProc Screen]

The original WxWatch system is designed to run on specific hardware but the new WxProc software has been entirely realised in pure Sun Microsystems Java code. This means that the WxProc is not restricted to running on a single platform and can instead be executed on hand held computers to mainframes.

Java also offers a unique opportunity to expand WxProc to become extremely network aware and it would be relatively easy to integrate the package with other applications which don't even need to be running on the same machine. Applications could include integration of meteorological data overlaid on imagery, automated collection of data directly from the internet (e.g. satellite element sets) and complete remote operation of the package.

The WxProc APT engine already supports:-

  • WxWatch look and feel which means you get proven ease of use.

  • Loading of WxWatch APT images

  • Loading of other graphic files supported by the Java 2 media tracking system.

  • Support for arbitrary sized images in memory which are not effected by display operations.

  • Advanced channel combination logic which allows for part mixing of channels (e.g. 30% of A, 70% of B)

  • GUI based contrast stretching with automated presets and a negate feature.

  • Fast user selected projected displays including Linear, Mercator,Polar-Stereographic (both north and south).

  • Very easy to use display zooming features even on projected displays. Support for 'Zoom Out'

  • User defined overlay gridding to 1, 2, 5, 10 and 15 degree resolution.

  • Map overlays in any projection.

  • Ability to add 'symbols' over an image. WxProc already supports user text and current/fixed user position symbols.

  • Point and click interface to allow alterations to any on-screen symbols.

  • Code hooks already in for MET symbols and weather fronts as supported in WxWatch.

WxProc does not alter the image in memory while the user performs image processing operations (e.g. contrast stretching, channel combinations, etc). This is an important feature shared with WxWatch which could be exploited to allow more than one user access to a single image in memory.

WxProc does not support a native APT decode system as this may be added at any time to support the specific hardware requirements of the APT image reception system a customer wishes to use.

There are no hidden costs in the design as all software is developed in house without having to licence any third party code. The graphics features in the program for example are hosted under Java's native graphics interface without the requirement for GUI type graphics libraries.

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